Seeing Allah While Dreaming A Comparison between Shi‘a and Sunni Beliefs

رؤیت خداوند در عالم رؤیا: مقایسه میان نگاه شیعه و اهل تسنن


The two main branches of Islam have taken opposing stances on the possibility of seeing Allah in the dreaming state. While the dominant Sunni position has been open to the possibility, the dominant Twelver Shi‘a position has not. The difference between these two approaches has not always been recognised. In this study, therefore, both traditions are examined, particularly with reference to the Qur’an and Hadith. Mulla Sadra’s views are also discussed as the views of a key detractor from Shi‘a orthodoxy.
KEYWORDS: dream; vision; experience; Qur’an; Hadith; Shi’a; Sunni.